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QBIC Washrooms

Qbic Washrooms stocks an impeccable range of washroom equipment and accessories for commercial applications. Our online store offers a premium collection of washroom products or items from the world’s top-notch brands in the industry. We have discounted a majority of our items for the convenience and benefit of customers across the UK.

Buying Soap Dispenser? Check These Tips & Tricks To Buy The Best One.

This quick brief guide can help you choose a safe and hygienic dispenser.

Be it restaurants or hospitals or offices, a soap dispenser is an essential tool for maintaining hygiene and safety. Since kitchens, bathrooms, and restrooms are the places where they’re frequently used, the answer also lies in the traffic count.

Soap dispenser

When buying or choosing a soap dispenser, you can analyse some of the following factors and consider them for a suitable purchase.

Type of Soap Dispenser. Is it manual or automatic that suits the place? You must ponder over that fact for a while because you can find people who belong to different categories. Some may even don’t prefer washing hands! You can pick an automatic dispenser for a sophisticated and hygienic choice. This adds a premium feel to the commercial establishment.

Capacity. Do you need a single or multi-capacity dispenser? The markets are aware of these requirements, which is why they provide multi-capacity dispensers for public use in a commercial setup.

Foam or liquid? You know bar soaps are considered unhygienic, particularly in a public restroom or restaurant kitchen or washroom. Therefore, having one of the foam or liquid soap dispenser is ideal.

Installation. From wall-mounted to recessed variety, the multi-kind installation categories can help you choose what’s suitable for your commercial establishment. Besides, you can also narrow down choices based on your budget.

Some of the reliable sites offer a plethora of branded washroom accessories. Whether you’re seeking a soap dispenser, an Airforce Hand Dryer, or Valera Hair Dryer, you can find them at astonishingly discounted prices.

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