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QBIC Washrooms

Qbic Washrooms stocks an impeccable range of washroom equipment and accessories for commercial applications. Our online store offers a premium collection of washroom products or items from the world’s top-notch brands in the industry. We have discounted a majority of our items for the convenience and benefit of customers across the UK.

Choosing A Hand Dryer for Commercial Use? Check These 5 Tips Right Now.

Fast and automatic dryers are great, but feature on the expensive side.

Paper towels create a ruckus in the washrooms of commercial places. You may have witnessed that in a shopping mall or a multiplex or a gymnasium. Apart from not being environmentally friendly, these are messy, and, sometimes, irritating for the cleaning staff.

Airforce hand dryer
Airforce hand dryer

On the other, installing a hand dryer proves beneficial for quick drying of hands before people leave the washrooms. If you’re considering buying one of them, but do not have enough idea, then you must consider the following tips for sure.

1. Traffic. How many people are visiting your place? 100, 200, or more? This figure explains how frequently the dryer is going to be used. Thus, you must start sifting through the traffic count at your place.

2. Cost. We believe you have analysed the above and factor and looking for the option within a specified budget. Cost factors would vary somewhere between £45 - £2,200. You can check accordingly.

3. Power/Speed/Energy. Striking the right balance is too crucial for the commercial establishment. Fortunately, you can find a hand dryer that qualifies all three factors within a feasible range between £150 and £620.

4. Durability. You can expect a durable Airforce hand dryer with strong warranty coverage. However, you should have a realistic approach to how long it would last even if what a company claims for itself.

5. Hygiene. If you have a restaurant, you should go for some high-end dryers with HEPA filters that help minimize germs. Other establishments can use low-priced dryers with normal drying functionalities.

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