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QBIC Washrooms

Qbic Washrooms stocks an impeccable range of washroom equipment and accessories for commercial applications. Our online store offers a premium collection of washroom products or items from the world’s top-notch brands in the industry. We have discounted a majority of our items for the convenience and benefit of customers across the UK.

Washrooms are the mirrors of Attitude

Washrooms are an integral part of a home or a business place. They give the actual taste of a person. It is required for hygiene and we do sanitise to keep ourselves healthy. Toilets should be clean, so that diseases are not caused by transmission of human waste.

Soap dispenser

We always look for a hotel room, even for a night stay, to be clean and the kids’ school’s should also have well aerated and well lit washrooms. School washrooms should be with good supply of toilet paper, non-slippery tiles and well filled soap dispenser. The public places like malls and movie halls should have the same, so that the elderly people can use it safely, and so do others. Many times we see, the air blade hand dryer are out of order or not into operation .The authorities should put an eye about its functionality .As a personal view, I have found the dyson air blade hand dryer is having good record.

There are lots of varieties such as vertical, horizontal, platinum coloured, non-drip, bulk dispensers. One can choose as per the interior of the washroom…but please keep enough of soap into it.

Washroom cleanliness is also marked by the presence of pedal bin, paper towel holder and air freshener.

It’s ones hygiene and attitude that is showed by the bathroom, he or she uses at their homes.

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